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    Feat: Holy Vows [exalted]

    You have taken certain vows to uphold moral principles, and are rewarded by the powers of goodness. All clerics of good-aligned deities will intuitively recognize this and start out friendly to you. You gain additional benefits depending on which vows you take.

    If you break a vow, you lose the benefits of that vow and take a stacking -1 morale penalty to all attacks, skill checks and saves until you receive atonement. If you cease to be good, you lose all benefits of this feat until you receive atonement.

    When you take this feat, you may take 1-3 of the vows listed. You may take this feat multiple times -- each time taking 1-3 additional vows.

    This feat can replace Sacred Vow as a prerequisite.

    Vow Benefit
    help those in need (unless they will use that help for evil) lay on hands, remove disease 1/week and divine health
    protect the innocent divine grace
    punish evildoers smite evil (ceil(level/5) times/day)
    tell the truth detect evil at will
    respect legitimate authority immunity to fear
    respect individual liberty immunity to compulsion
    turn aside from all goals that are not the pursuit of goodness special mount
    never harm a thinking being who does not personally deserve it, and never more than is deserved (special: if you violate this oath but make restitution and receive forgiveness, that counts as an atonement spell) turn undead
    support all good-aligned churches Either: gain paladin spellcasting based on your hit dice and add spellcraft and concentration to your class skill list regardless of class or add the paladin spell list to your class spell list, the palading spells/day for your caster level to your spells/day, and (if applicable) 2 spells known for spell levels 1-4 starting 3 levels after you become able to cast that level spells
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