Would really love a ponytar update for my current avatar that combines MLP, my D&D Toon and my love of Star Wars.

Gender: Male
Type: Earth pony
Coat color: Tan
Mane color and style: Short Dark-Dark Brown Hair with a Goatee
Eye color: Bright Green
Cutie mark: This > http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Jedi_symbol.svg You choose the color that you think fits best.
Pose: Dignified
Expressions: Calm
Accessories or costumes: Dark Purple Plate Hoof Cuffs (look at the armor on my other two avatars.) Scar over his right eye (still usable just a scar that bisects it.) lightsaber hilt clipped to his back hip (below cutie mark)hilt should be modeled after the hilt on the sword on the other two avatars, intricate silver handle with a red gem inset into the base.

Note: You are free to take artistic license with anything you think might really improve this. But please leave the basics intact

Pre-emptive thanks to whoever decides to give this a go.