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    When did i Delete Chez's Bio? Anyways:


    Aliases: Chez; that Blood Crazed Wolf; Fenrir Blackpaw.
    Race: Thrashian, A Highly Muscular Breed of Anthropomorphic Direwolf-Fox Hybrid.
    Alignment: Chaotic. Evil, Good or Neutral Depends on his Mood.
    Class: Heavy Weapons.
    Description: A Muscular and Powerful Lupine Male, Standing at about 11' 8"* On Digitigrade Legs that are as quick as they are Muscular. His fur is Burnt Orange with Tan Markings on his Chest and Mid Tail, And Dark Brown fur on his Mane, Hindlegs and Forepaws, and the Tip of his Tail. He has a Mess of Hair Ressembling a Frill that droops from his forhead to his Midback, and His Arms are Powerful and are Capable of Tearing his Prey to Shreds with the Sharp Grey Claws on His Quad-Digited Paws.
    *Subject to Change due to the Ability to Regenerate/degenerate his Own Organic Tissue, Allow him to Morph into Any form of Canine, Morphic or Not Morphic.

    Personality: A wise Cracking, Horny, Curtian-ly Adept Hyper-Masculine Tough Guy, Chez is Basically a Fluffy Duke Nukem.
    Equipment: Cargo Shorts filled with Infinite amounts of ammo, As Well as the Following Weapons:
    AR-15/M-4/M-16A2/G-36 Assualt Rifles; Benelii M-3/M-4 Super 90/SPAS-12/Remington 1100 Semi-Auto Shotguns; Mossberg 500/590 or Remington 870 Pump action Shotguns. M-14/Remington700P Sniper Rifles. MP-5/UMP/P-90 Submachine Guns; an MGL-MK1 Grenade Launcher (Loaded with Sting/Tear Gas/Flashbangs) and M-1911/Sig Sauer P226/Glock 18/Berreta 92/Five-seveN pistols.
    Backstory: Chez used to be two Separate beings, a Russian Human Scientist and a Banished Wolf from Asgor, son of the God Loki. The Wolf was used to Create Genetic Material for a Super Soilder, The Scientist was Tried for Treason, and in a Desprite Move, injected him self with the Wolf's DNA, Opening an oppourtunity for the wolf to Possess him.
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