R1T7.9: Ka'Xet moves to aid in flanking the gnome, manifesting his blade as he moves. "Oi! Appy-polly my good chellovek, 'bout havin' a bit of bitter and cease all this razdraz twenty to one? We'll all have a bit of a guff on this in time."

End round 1, Begin Round 2 ...

R2T20: The gnome, shrieking in horror at Celiss, looks at the freaky humanoid next to him and bolts, in as straight as line as possible from Celiss, but moving around 'bad guys' (you) as possible.
I'm going to assume that none of the heroes here are going to try to take an AOO with their lethal weapons - with or without a penalty to hit for attempting NL damage. Him leaving you alone is a win, right? Let me know I was otherwise too assumptive here...

R2T13: The savage pirates were horrifying to look at, and engendered some pity that man could be so dehumanized as they, but Darrius has never actually had to face Evil itself.

Darrius bolts as quickly away from Celiss as his legs and the equally fleeing crowd will allow.

R2T12: Lazer, seeing this get way out of hand quickly just tries the wand again, but again Kurgol resists. [Celiss knows that unless the wand is amped, it is easy to resist - DC 12.] Meanwhile he flies around in broad circles to stay aloft.

R2T10: PANIC in the streets. There is a mass scream from the crowd, mainly along the line of the cone Celiss used, and that group flees in blind fear, stumbling over things, knocking carts down, and even trampling some people. Others not in the cone, simply move away in the best possible means from Celiss, but the same side effects - just less pronounced - such as destruction and trampling - occur.

R2T9: Kurgol is shaken, but he is enraged and a proud warrior. Through anger and spittle he shouts, "Monster! I was only gonna' teach your friend a lesson. He ran, but someone's gotta stop you!"

He steps up and hauls off to deck her, but she blocks him.

R2T8.9: Korian says to Celiss in Sylvan: "Win or lose, we can't afford this. I say we withdraw as quickly as possible. We have to get to Lady V."