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    Celiss nods, anger flaring in her again. Despite her efforts, this half-orc was still barring their way, and the collateral damage of the blast of arcane-infused sound was far worse than the mage had expected. She briefly considers using another pulse of darkness to confuse the man and then continuing along the route to get to the manor, but with Darrius still in a panicked state that wouldn't do much good. I doubt we can simply ignore him, though, and with luck we may be able to end this by the time Darrius has recovered. Go on ahead with the others, I'll follow with Darrius once I can get him off of my back. She replies in Sylvan.

    Switching to Common again, although she doubts she will make much progress trying to reason with a raging warrior, Celiss speaks to the half-orc. Regardless of what I am, there is someone who is intent on killing, who we need to stop. While she's fairly certain that this won't be of help, the mage is hoping that she can wait out the boxer's fury and leave once the physical strain of his anger-filled strength takes its toll on his body.

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