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Thread: Simple Q&A Pathfinder (By RAW) I

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    A197 Yes, since it doesn't use wings to fly, it should be able to do so as a skeleton.

    A198 See Flight under Universal Monster Rules:
    Quote Originally Posted by SRD
    If the creature has wings, flight is an extraordinary ability. Otherwise, it is spell-like or supernatural [...]
    A199 Yes, assuming you can find enough corpses, you should be able to control up to a maximum of 30x4 HD at level 20.

    Edit: You should also note that these are separate "HD pools", when you cast Animate Dead as a necromancer, it can't exceed 15x4 HD. You can't control the excess with the cleric's HD pool, you can however use Command Undead to assume control of the excess but this is again a separate pool.
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