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    R2T7.9: Withdraw, dismiss the blade, burst, skate and move toward our goal. "Nochy-nochy, me good chelloveks!"

    End Round 2, Begin Round 3 ...

    R3T13: Darrius still panicked and beating feet ...

    R3T12: Lazer, still trying to get used to flying, alights right next to Celiss. "Kurgol, we've lost. Your gnome friend ran, but is safe as a result. The one you meant to fight ran from you like a coward. This woman here is just dodging to talk sense into you, but means you no harm. The rest of our companions have run. I used the wand to stop a fight, not to control anyone. If you beat up on her, not only does it do you no credit as the fine fighter you are, but you weaken her when she's about to possibly give her life for her noble patron to keep a pirate from slaughtering all in Vanderboren Manor, which is what we've been racing to stop.

    "I'm not just pleading for you to stop fighting when those that could admire you have run away ... I'm asking for your help. You want to fight something, to really let off some steam, and maybe be a real hero in the process? Come help me save our lady from a Crimson Fleet pirate. I promise you, after that, any one of our group with whom you wish to fist fight in non-deadly combat will do that. You have my word."

    R3T9: Kurgol, who already has been losing a taste by having people do nothing but dodge and run away, doesn't need much prodding to stop raging. "Bah, Jilianth ran off, and you weren't much fun, anyway. Aren't you guys the 'Monster Crew' people been talkin' about what shut down the Lotus Dragon Guild?"

    Combat Ends ...

    "The ... Monster Crew?" asks Lazer, stunned. He thinks about it, though. Of the two 'humans' ... one actually isn't human, and the other so full of non-human heritage as to not be very human anymore. He can't call himself a dwarf anymore, and as xephs are uncommon and seem wild, and Korian is definitely a 'monster' being an anthropomorphized beast, he smiles and nods. "Yes, the very same ones."

    "Right on," says Kurgol. "Those blood-letters always tried to fix the pit matches. Once you broke their power, we could set our own terms."

    Darrius, at this point, the panic has ended and you have your wits again. You are only about 20-30 seconds hustle from where you were before. Do you go back to that spot, or avoid and go to the Manor?

    Celiss, do you add anything to the conversation?
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