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Thread: Battle Royale III: Frenemy mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top cat View Post
    Yes, but samus has always had superior equipment and stuff to her smarter enemies. When she decks huge creatures all the time, it's not just that she's that good (though she is), it's also because they're kinda stupid and have absolutely disgusting fighting technique. A real fighter like the swarmlord wouldn't just constantly lunge in melee and then take about 5 seconds to figure out that samus dodged.
    Again that's an in-game limitation. We're seeing the action from Samu's PoV, that certainly has much better reflexes tha us simple people. What looked like a 5 sec delay from the boss may as well be a fraction of second in a real combat. The game would be unplayable otherwise!

    This is, I could just as well say the Swarmlord takes half an hour between attacks since that's around as much time it'll take between two assault phases in TT.

    Again, assuming he can get close at all. Samus's a ranged specialist, she has no reasons to stay and wait for the big bug with four swords to close in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Top cat View Post
    Remember fighting meta ridley in metroid prime? Just how much of a chance do you think you would have stood if he'd just kept slashing at you and driven you into a corner rather than used his idiot lunge attack?

    Also, the swarmlord is an ~8m biped. It's probably pretty fast and has a psychic ranged attack.
    Well, we know from the manga that's Ridley is a big show off

    Also he can fly. The swarmlord meanwhile may be big, but size=/=movement speed, and unless it's a nice plains it can easily turn against him when the ground can't hold his massive weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine
    But even dying once is enough for him to lose, doesnt matter if he comes back later on
    Hmm, if dying once is enough for disqualification that indeed makes it trickier.

    Still don't count Jack out as he may as he's shown to be a king of resilience, since as Prime32 pointed out his enemies had basically to rewrite reality to erase him from existence to get him out of the way!

    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine
    Thats mostly because of a combination of it being the only option, and bad writing, considering Johns ability to move at close to light speed would make it impossible for a human to get even close to him with a flamethrower, and his Phase ability should make it easy getting rid of the nanobots.

    Honestly, Batmans contingency plans were mostly retardet, and only worked because of bad writing, for gods sake, some of the plans consistet of hypnotising GL while he were asleep, or hitting the Flash with a projectile weapon
    I'll have to agree you on that one, super powered people just seem to get more stupid when near batman!

    Quote Originally Posted by Prime32 View Post
    He usually plays around with his opponents first, which works because it's basically impossible to one-shot him. He can spot the tiniest weaknesses with ease, and has been known to create on the spot superior versions of techniques he saw someone use once years ago.
    Now that you mention it, I wouldn't be suprised if Jack proceeded to shoot Omega lazors from his eyes while unlocking his full psychic potential!
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