Looking for a particular strip? Let's make it easier! With a little cooperative work, we can quickly get an index together and then I (or someone) can keep it up to date once a week or so. (Less in the case of sprained wrists.) Here's a start:

1) Conversion to 3.5, featuring "weapon shrinkage"
2) Picking teams to split up (Elan is last)
3) Attack of the ninjas! ("I think I just failed a Spot check")
4) Elan's magical songs, and a stupid ogre
5) Everyone rejoins, and kicks ogre @$$
6) Aftermath and healing ("I found all these free swords. They were in my spleen.")
7) Durkon uses ThorPrayer (tm) ("You have selected 'Colon Tumor'.")
8) Haley gives Elan a healing potion; Belkar is missing a healing potion. ("I'm a rogue, so I must have stolen your potion.")
9) Vaarsuvius Identifies the belt of masculinity/femininity.
10) Vaarsuvius uses a spell of great power to overcome goblins with sleep. ("But...I did not cast my spell yet.")
11) OotS confronts a goblin spellcaster who utilizes Unholy Blight--successful on all but Belkar. ("Best not to dwell on it.")
12) The great "up a level"/"down a level" debate.
13) Elan uses "Summon Plot Exposition" to fill in backstory. ("And treasure!")
14) The group needs to camp for the night. Roy considers possible watch assignments.
15) Roy's dead father visits him in the night with the cryptic foreshadowing, "When the goat turns red strikes true."
16) Roy consults with Vaarsuvius about his ghostly visit, while Durkon insists on turning undead. ("Sweet merciful gods, my poor, useless eyes!")
17) Haley, Elan, and Belkar debate the merits of a rapier and fail their Hide and Spot checks. ("I could Sunder that by speaking too loudly.")
18) Confronted by the chimera Trigak, Haley makes use of Sneak Attack, twice.
19) Haley, Belkar, and Elan must flee the chimera. Elan tries a cunning illusion, but Trigak ain't a "playa." ("Never say 'playa' again.")
20) Vaarsuvius eagerly unleashes freshly prepared spells on the chimera. ("Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion!!!")
21) Haley scolds Belkar for killing off the chimera ("He was obviously supposed to be a recurring villain") while Roy and Vaarsuvius debate whether the prophecy has been fulfilled.
22) Roy attempts to get Belkar to track the chimera back to Xykon. ("The chimera made fun of how short you are.")
23) Xykon consults with Redcloak about discount mercenaries and refuses to let the Thing in the Shadows reveal itself.
24) Durkon's clanking metal armor alerts monsters, to Roy's chagrin. ("The heroes are here!")
25) Elan and Durkon discuss the armor check penalty, and Elan draws a scary conclusion. ("Please cast blindness on me.")
26) Roy attempts to get Elan clothed again before Haley returns from scouting. ("Wanna help me practice my tumbling skill?")
27) Roy convinces Elan to accept "Cat's Grace" from Durkon and put his clothes back on. ("It's a touch spell.")
28) Haley returns from scouting and talks about "Elan's blade." ("...to see what his 18 Charisma is worth 'under the hood'.")
29) Roy is skeptical that Haley found nothing but a rapier in the room she "scouted," but has no answer for "feminine products."
30) Vaarsuvius finds a secret door, and Elan finds a "squid thingy."
31) We get to see the Mind Flayer's thoughts and why it chooses Roy instead of Vaarsuvius.
32) Two lawyers show up with a "spooooky" Cease and Desist order and cart the (trademarked monster name) away.
33) OotS mail call, featuring Vaarsuvius explaining doilies.
34) Fighting goblins, Durkon keeps forgetting to add in his bonuses. ("He'd be a pretty good fighter if he had a better head for numbers.")
35) Haley searches for traps, to the delight of the men in the group. ("Can't be too safe.")
36) Roy and Haley discuss the distinction between "There are no traps" and "I didn't find any traps." ("I have a lot of hit points. How bad could it be?")
37) Xykon deals with ogres who want higher wages. His solution: Zombie ogres.
38) Roy, poisoned by the trap, is immobilized and becomes a victim of practical jokes by Belkar and Elan. ("Think of the fun at parties!")
39) Roy's ghostly dad returns to renew the warning. ("You brought a DATE to come warn me of mortal danger?")
40) Thor's battle with Surtur is interrupted by an "emergency" call from Durkon to request spells.
41) Surrounded in a battle with still more goblins, Vaarsuvius uses Cone of Cold to great effect. ("Too bad you froze Elan by accident.")
42) Belkar gets to scout by himself, makes a Spot check, defeats a ninja, and wishes he had an audience.
43) Roy decides to skip opening another door, but Elan can't resist the mystery. Beyond the door: a group of doubles!?!
44) Meeting the Linear Guild. Introductions all around.
45) OotS debates the wisdom of joining forces with the Linear Guild. ("Haley, you know, treasure isn't that important.")
46) OotS agrees to help the Linear Guild find the Talisman of Dorukan, and Nale gets an Internal Monologue.
47) The combined teams split up to reach the three elemental sigils, and Xykon and his minions watch on the crystal ball. ("Picture in picture!")
48) The kobold keeps stabbing Belkar whenever he leaves his "threatened area." Roy accepts it. ("Yay! Thog happy talky-man is happy.")
49) Vaarsuvius unsuccessfully attempts to barter with the dark elf Zz'dtri for a Fly spell. ("Crap! Another Feather Fall? This totally sucks!")
50) "The Semi-Secret Origin of Elan and Nale" explains the separated twins. ("And that never struck you as needlessly complicated?" "Not until this moment, no.")

One fourth done! Someone else can take over or I'll get back to it when I can.