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Thread: Ponythread Learns to Draw! Together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtbag View Post
    After using it for a second, this totally isn't Vector. More like... points on a pa-that's what Vector is. :/

    It's weird, but useful.
    That's actually not what vector is. Raster is based on pixels, Vector is based on maths. It means that you can draw a vector picture that's 100x100 and then expand it to 1000x1000 and it won't lose any detail as long as it's still vector. A raster image will just increase each pixel by 10x. If I had more than 5 minutes I'd show an example, or even a video.

    Bakuel: Love the perspective drawing, but I don't think you're doing it right. It looks like a one point perspective, but the point is more like you;d use in a two point, and you aren't using enough guide lines. Maybe it's just my VisCom experience talking, but you use a guide line for literally every think you place.
    But I'm just looking quickly and not actually sitting there scrutinizing it...No time!
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