ok here goes:

51) Roy and Thog go for the earth sigil "thog would be a good puppy daddy"
52) the clerics and "bards" for the fire sigil, "higa just needs some "alone-time""
53) the elfs and the lady's find the air-sigil "maybe mom is right. I should quit this job before-"
54) activating the sigils "rumbleworthy"
55) introduction to the 2ed monster-pit by Nale
56) Nale takes the talisman and strikes down Elan "Allow me to shed light on an alternate hypothesis"
57) Nale reveals his true plans and captures the order "Attack my outdated legions"
58 ) V uses an owls wisom to enable Belkar to use a healing scroll "i'm all for looting the corpses of my fallen allies, but shouldnt we wait for a better time?"
59) Haley destroys the talisman
60) Roy reveals the true meaning of the prophesy "wow, thats a lot more planning then i though this strip had"
61) Nale and Elan fight "deny the psychopatic egomaniac"
62) Haley is puzzled by her lineair-twin's nature "eat obscure alchemical metal"
63) Belkar kills the kobold and ends up with a new hat
64) Thog and Nale switch opponents "Thog reluctantly forced to agree"
65) the elfs battle and zz'drizt(sp?) is carried off to see the Wizard
66) Elans makes Thog surrender "stay away! Thog not want girl cooties!"
67) Elan persues Nale who nearly falls in the pit "Karma-riffic!"
68 ) Elan has the classic angel vs devil internal debate "so much for law and chaos"
69) Party rejoines and finds stoned(sorry) fey "who's that looking good with his swanky new hat"
70) Thog tells the Order about the scroll and the fey is returned "for a thousand years"
71) the fey explaines about her job and Xykon moving in "so, do yoy have any actual experience in controlling the elemental forces of the wind?
72) the party uses the employee exit and "I have this nagging feeling we're all forgetting something"
73) Durkon thinks about WWTD "Then i return to Asgard to woo godesses and drink an oceans worth of ale"
74) Helge meets up with Durkon and they by jumping on the Flumphs
75) Order finds out Durkon is missing "I am so dissapointed in you, Roy"
76) Durkon and Helga travel through dark dungeon, "maybe we should hold hands in case the floor gives way"
77) "go team cleric"
78 ) Roy's dad comes round and complains about Roy being a fighter "maybe you could stick him in the eye. Oh right, skeleton"
79) Loki and Thor find out something about their clerics "and now we're in the dark toghether, alone"
80) "Behold, BANJO the CLOWN, god of puppets"

ok thats it
30 is enough for now