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That's a pretty lame "plan", and very weak writing if that's the word-for-word quote. What's the contigency plan for Superman? "KILL IT WITH KRYPTONITE"? Simply stating a weakness and saying, "Use that" isn't exactly a plan.

Hey, want to hear my plan to kill Batman? Shoot him with a gun! I know, brilliant, right? The Joker is such an idiot.

OK, shadow teleportation and dirty fighting, good. I don't know much about these Negima guys, so help me out. Questions about Evangeline:

1. Is there any in-canon evidence that she can resist high-level psychic attacks?
2. If she switches over to fight Doomsday... um, what could she do against him?

Questions about Jack:
1. How strong is he? Meaning, what kinds of feats has he done that would help me gauge his level of strength?
2. How does Jack "reverse" death? How fast is the process? If it isn't done in the heat of battle, Jack's death would count as a technical knock-out, even if he comes back after the fight.
1. Can't remember
2. Freeze him into place, punch him through buildings.

1. I can't think of a specific example
2. He was unmade by the powers of creation. He apparently willed himself back to existence and joined in the final battle. There was a period of time between the final battle and his apparent death.