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Hey, want to hear my plan to kill Batman? Shoot him with a gun! I know, brilliant, right? The Joker is such an idiot.
Nah, the Joker just loves to play around with Batman too much. And nobody else dares to shoot batman because that would make the Joker come after them. No, seriously, there's a story where it seems like one of Joker's flunkies got a killing shot in batman, the Joker "rewards" him by nailing him inside a coffin and throwing him inside a boiling chemical vault.

In another story where the Joker chains batman in the middle of an open room and tells his flunkies to fill him with bullets, they discover the Joker replaced all their ammo with blank cartridges!

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OK, shadow teleportation and dirty fighting, good. I don't know much about these Negima guys, so help me out. Questions about Evangeline:

1. Is there any in-canon evidence that she can resist high-level psychic attacks?
2. If she switches over to fight Doomsday... um, what could she do against him?
1-Well, in 40K pshicic powers and magic are basically the same, and Evangeline is a magician with centuries of experience with all kind of protective spells.
2-The problem with Evangeline it's that she's one of those characters that so far has never truly gone all out, and actualy mostly sits out of the action so the other characters can do something. However we know she can do this. And yes, that's your typical reality-destroying demon from beyond that she defeated whitout a sweat.

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Questions about Jack:
1. How strong is he? Meaning, what kinds of feats has he done that would help me gauge his level of strength?
2. How does Jack "reverse" death? How fast is the process? If it isn't done in the heat of battle, Jack's death would count as a technical knock-out, even if he comes back after the fight.
1-Well, he throws swords sized for cleaving battleships and two-punches ancient wyrms.
2-Hell if anyone knows how he does it besides "fighting spirit"!
However, he revived himself in some seconds after being nuked and impaled by Negi. Erased from reality took him several hours tough.