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Thread: Battle Royale III: Frenemy mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top cat View Post
    Hmm, ok. That's pretty fast, but I don't want to hear any "supersonic". That's not supersonic, it just sounds cool and alliterates.

    Can she do this indefinitely? Apparently it takes a few seconds to charge, but does it keep gong or only last a set time? What about manouverability (there was a 3d game it was featured in) - can she dodge around obstacles? Is it actually effective for running around, or just for charging at enemies and completing puzzles? And then there's again, the arena. It'll have a huge effect on this fight. How does selecting it work again :s
    It takes 1 second to charge, and her maneuverability is limited - she can dodge obstacles but has to stop briefly to make sharp turns. However, she can also use it to fly. There is no time limit.

    Quote Originally Posted by deuterio12 View Post
    2-Hell if anyone knows how he does it besides "fighting spirit"!
    However, he revived himself in some seconds after being nuked and impaled by Negi. Erased from reality took him several hours tough.
    He came back partially about a minute or two after being erased so that he could give Negi advice, then disintegrated again.

    A fight sequence with Jack and Eva
    Endless White Nine Heavens should be able to trap Doomsday.

    Another fight with Eva in these two chapters.
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