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    Cragg Stoneheart

    Alias: Cliff, Chip, Limey, Marblehead
    Gender: Nothing by biology male by personality
    Race/Species: Stone Golem (He tries to hide this by covering most of himself up)
    Age: Somewhere in the mid to high centuries range
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral though he sometimes leans into Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Survior/Wanderer/Fighter
    Power Rating: C to B- ?
    Description: Stands at about five and a half feet tall.

    Personality: Can seem distant and emotionless
    Equipment: Whats shown in the image plus a dozen shells of varrying types, a small pack, an everfull bottle of vodka thats always half full, a teleportation key, a matchbook, and a small punched captchalogue card necklace thats worn underneath his shirt.
    Abilities: All the things that come with being a stone golem (Immunity to pain and diseases, the strength of three men) He's a decent fighter (around a D+ or C- range)
    Backstory: To Come Later
    Miscellaneous: His mouth leads to a small storage cavity. He can cough up whatever is stored in it or spray it out of his mouth.
    Has a small wick attached to his bottom 'lip'
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