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    Quote Originally Posted by Selrahc View Post
    After smashing the army and spacefleet of a planet, Doomsday gets in a fight with the GL corps. After a massive battle raging across multiple space sectors and resulting in the deaths of thousands of Lanterns, Doomsday arrives on Oa. In a battle with the Guardians, they unleash what looks like a black hole, which rips an entire continent out of the planet, as well as taking down Doomsday. They think he has been obliterated, but he manages to escape.

    Full disclosure, Doomsday does have GL ring for much of the battle. Although it is destroyed before he is cast into the Black Hole.
    To be honest, Hal Jordan is a normal human and he also soloed the whole GL corps and guardians just because he had a green latern ring. Also surviving black holes is kinda a staple for comic characters, if not outright a salvation ticket ("remember that giant explosion that looked like it disintregated me? Yeah, turns out it formed a black hole of sorts that put me in some other dimension and now I got back baby!")

    EDIT: This site seems to confirm it
    "The resulting explosion destroys the mountain and, as far as the Guardians could tell, Doomsday. In actuality, the explosion tore a hole in space itself, sending Doomsday hurtling thousands and thousands of light years away. "

    Quote Originally Posted by Selrahc View Post
    Also noteworthy, Doomsday battles a being called the Radiant, and the site of their battle is an entire continent turned to glass through the power of the energy unleashed.
    You're forgeting the point where the continent was glassed because they hit the super-reactor that fueled everything in the planet and it super-exploded.

    Quote Originally Posted by Selrahc View Post
    No. He did that by repeatedly punching Superman, in a duel that crossed over a massive area and included the Armed forces, Legion and Cadmus, Supergirl, the Justice League and others all intervening to help Superman and being roundly defeated. An exploding gas tanker briefly serves as a distraction to Superman allowing Doomsday to move the fight to Metropolis, but it doesn't injure him.
    That was propaganda. Superman was geting kinda of stale, so hey let's kill and ressurect him! (plus he never really died, more like he was left in coma)

    On the other hand, it helped that doosmday, exceptionally, can make superman bleed with its sharp extremities. Not being an anime character, supes cannot afford to lose multiple gallons of blood. Jack, on the other hand, is an anime character so doosmday cannot kill him with blood loss!
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