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    Default Let's Read the Tome of Horrors, Mk. II: the Book Strikes Again!

    Running from May into December of last year, I would never have suspected my Let's Read of the second Tome of Horrors installment would meet with the thread necromancy limitations.

    Then my grandmother came down with pneumonia, leading to a series of events that discovered lung cancer, started chemotherapy, and produced (currently) ongoing radiation therapy.

    Due to these events coming to a crescendo on Christmas day with a trip to the hospital with another case of pneumonia for her, I started lagging in my writing on all fronts, including my Let's Read here. And thus, it managed to slip a mere few days past the thread necromancy limit.

    So...here we are. Welcome to Mk. II of Let's Read the Tome of Horrors II, a project that I plan to see through, even if its first incarnation technically went dead last month. It's time to raise this phoenix from its ashes.

    You can read up on the book so far in the previous thread.

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