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Thread: Armor Fix Idea [D&D 3.5]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seerow View Post
    Since HP/temp HP is already an abstraction, I was thinking have it scale with level. Say the current armor bonus times half level (round up). So a level 1 character in leather gets 2 temp HP per round, while one with Splint Mail (the heaviest you can probably afford at level 1) gets 6 temp hp per round. At level 20, this is 70 hp per round vs 130 hp per round. (alternatively you could drop armor enhancement bonuses, and make it times level, giving you 40 hp from leather, 80 from a chain shirt, or 160 from full plate).
    I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused; how often does this temporary HP pool refresh?
    It seems like you saying that every round (at level 20) your parties tank would need to take 130 points of damage before you even scratch his regular HP pool. Also, if you don't get the temp HP down to zero (like you only hit him for 128 or something) to break the armor, does he start the next round at 2, 130 again, or some other number?

    I would assume I'm just misunderstanding this, because if not then I think it's a little OP.
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