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Thread: Armor Fix Idea [D&D 3.5]

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    @ JustToBrowse
    It's no more bookkeeping than if you try to actually use hardness and item-HP to keep track of who's equipment is getting broken.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seerow View Post
    No you got it right.

    Also remember that against a CR20 monster, he's either not being attacked via HP at all, or he's probably being attacked for several hundred HP a round anyway. This just makes it possible for him to actually take the hits, rather than needing to stack up lots of miss chances to avoid them or make the enemy dead before they get a counter attack.
    So....refreshing temporary HP while wearing armor....mechanically, whats different about this than Damage Resistance?

    Also, the broken-armor thing is well...kinda broken. If you are fighting a group of creatures, and you can expect to reduce their number (and incoming damage) each round, then maybe your steadily-breaking armor might keep up. But if you are fighting a single large enemy that will take several rounds to die and they manage to overcome 130 damage in one round, then it's only going to get rapidly worse from there. It's an interesting idea, certainly, but I'm just not seeing how it might work yet.

    Edit: What exactly is the "damage resistance" problem you mentioned earlier? I just posted a major update to my own armor-thread earlier tonight and DR figured into it very heavily; I'd love to know if I've missed something horribly obvious (again).
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