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Well, I don't know of any of stats that scale well if you never increase them. I would assume that most people don't count on DR 3 having the same impact at level 20 as at level 2.
With this model, DR is still DR no matter what name you call it, even if it's collective DR instead of spread out.
There should be plenty of balanced monsters for you to fight, and if your DM really wants to be a **** then he'll just have the Dragon aim his breath weapon at the parties wizard and 1-shot him anyway.

I think that DR is just to hard to get and to expensive at higher levels. Plus, most of it comes in the form of x/magic; just change it all to x/- and you'll get alot more use out of it.

In my own armor fix I make it easier to get decent (I think) amounts of DR at higher levels; if you haven't read the update already go check it out.
Well even if you scale the DR, the other problems still stand: It's all or nothing, it applies more against multiple weak creatures, or multiple creatures with weak attacks than against stronger creatures with fewer attacks, it doesn't apply against spells, etc. Temporary HP is a better mechanic because it's easier to balance across a diverse range of encounters. DR will vary wildly from too strong to not strong enough even among encounters of the same level, where temporary HP really won't change that much.

Ah ok, I wasn't sure what you meant by "fix". Cause if you are going for the realism angle, then your fighter is gonna be lugging a portable forge around with him or hitting up the wizard for Mend spells :P
Heh, yeah I see what you mean. I was thinking more along the lines of repairing damaged straps, banging out dents, etc. Things someone with little to no skill could manage with a bit of time and cheap (ie cheap enough you dont need to bother tracking) materials. Not so much reforging the armor. I was thinking more realistic, but not quite that gritty (though it wouldn't be a bad optional rule for a gritty style campaign where you want to wear down your pcs a lot... but it will greatly encourage dex based characters with light armor)