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Thread: Battle Royale III: Frenemy mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deuterio12 View Post
    Like already said it's a joke from tg\. He can help others infiltrate, but doesn't get free tanks.

    I dare you to find a source for that. Standard krak missiles are more than enough to pierce the swarmlord's armor, and he only even gets an invulnerable save in close combat thanks to his parryng skillz. Even in the fluff it says nothing on the Swarmlord being exceptionally durable when compared to your average Hive Tyrant.

    Congratulations, you just showed you know even less of Metroid than 40K.

    First, Samus did receive genetic augments of her own when she was taken by the Chozo, otherwise woudln't survive on their planet.

    Second, Cain is a completely normal human from 40K, that actualy strives to stay away from combat as much as possible, and he easily outskills chaos marines. Now Samus faces power armored monsters and eldritch horrors as her daily job. Think about how much skill that can grant if being a human watching for the artillery miles away from any danger allows you to outskill a SM.

    Of course, Samus is no mouth-foaming SM that charges uphill swinging ranged weapons against melee specialized oponents and won't even give the swarmlord a chance to play to his streghts, and simply kite him from a safe distance.
    Um..again, I actually read the wikitroid article on her non suit based capabilities.

    All it really does it heighten it to assassin grade levels of dexterity, and allow her to breathe in alien atmospheres.. even the zero suit is still a type of power armor.

    Inside it, her mind is just as vulnerable as an exceptionally strong willed person.

    Exceptional within human limits, not space marine limits.

    Swarm Lord can, and will, use his psychic abilities to rip her mind apart.

    And also Creed can get himself a baneblade, anytime he damn well pleases. Especially if this conflict is important enough to ally himself with a Tyranid.

    Of course if we're going to represent both at top power we could always give Creed a Retribution Class Imperial Warship, and Swarmlord his splinter fleet.

    and Samus her ship.

    I personally also do not appreciate your patronizing tone in your post, nor the constant rudeness I have encountered when discussing things with you. I will not be responding to further posts from you. now, or ever.
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