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I believe you're thinking about the conflict wrong. This is the two 40k fighters and the two Metroid fighters teleported to a location to battle to the death.

The fighters have somewhat standard gear, that they use. So while Creed could possibly requisition himself a Sentinel power lifter, a Displacement field, a stack full of void and vortex grenades and a conversion beamer, he doesn't get that. He gets the equipment he uses.

No allies are allowed. This is the fighters as fighters. Not as commanders. (And in my opinion Creed was a really silly nomination because his noteworthy strength is as a tactician and strategist, not a fighter.)

No Baneblade for Creed.
No baneblade definatly since it requires a crew but if you can find a fluff example of his using other equitment then that would be fair to use. But you can't assume he will suddenly gear up in power armour and plasma weapons when he dosen't use those normally.