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Creed's kinda out of luck on that field, since one of the main characteristic of 40K special characters is that they never change their special wargear (which half-justifies their reduced point cost in comparison with vannilla commanders).

Anyway, even if he could requisition vehicles, he can't request warships for the simple fact he's an IG officer, and the IG and Imperial navy are two separate entities that don't take orders from one another. A suposed fail-safe to prevent commanders that realize the uglyness of the IoM and break free turn renegade instantly geting control of the nearest fleet.

And that's why guardsmen curse the heavens as they're forced to fight bloody ground battles when some simple warship suport could make their life much easier.

EDIT: On the other hand, sneaking inside a massive battleship, butchering the crew, overloard the reactors and escape as it explodes on the background is precisely the kind of thing Samus does as warm ups.
The battlefield therefore is now a Space Hulk. Does this change anything?