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Thread: Armor Fix Idea [D&D 3.5]

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    I think this is a pretty neat concept, but I don't quite like the implementation. Call me a Tier 4-and-pretends-ability-damage-doesn't-exist kind of guy, but I think I'd rather keep the ACs as they are, in addition to having armors grant a simple (Armor bonus) temp HP/round, so a +5 Full Plate gives 13 hp/round. Just something to take the edge off being in the front.

    I could see the amount doubling for each iterative attack you possess from BAB (I love gating abilities with BAB and banning Divine Power), so a +1 Breast Plate which gives 6 temp HP at level 5 would increase to 12 temp HP at level 6. And the 13 armor Full Plate gives 52 temp HP/turn at 16 BAB. Still not as huge as your numbers, but also provides AC.
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