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Also, this does make converting monsters a little trickier, they (mostly) don't get bonus attacks from BAB, but instead from extra natural attacks. Would you make it still scale with itteratives (making monsters a little weaker since they don't get them), based on natural attacks, or based on BAB regardless of iteratives?
For monsters wearing armor, I would simply go based on BAB. Technically, I would do that with characters, and tying it to BABs 6/11/16 makes it easy on everyone since it's a milestone players are already familiar with. Not sure I'd use a system like this for natural armor, as most monsters already have tons of it. Alternatively, give a weaker conversion rate for natural armor.

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Yeah, I suppose when not dealing with duels, focus fire can do the job.
This is actually rather attractive -- if the only reasonable way to bring down the armored opponent is to focus fire them, then that "mass aggro" is a pretty decent tank mechanic. Counterpoint: this makes a tank's needs to have threatening abilities even more pronounced, as opponents are even more likely to ignore them as soon as they see the dreaded heavy armor and walk around them.

@Seerow: I assume you intend to use this along with a suggestion you made in another thread about having move speed penalties based solely on player Encumbrance, as opposed to having special rules inherent to medium/heavy armor?

Because that is the most blessedly simple armor fix I've seen yet. Obviously not all-inclusive of armor's problems but dear Lord. How did I miss that there are 2 systems in place to punish wearers-of-lots-of-gear to hit you twice with penalties?