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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Mirrsen View Post
    Ugh. Mental notes: Do not try detailed cracked up floors again. At least until a good method for their drawing is developed. They just don't work otherwise. And menacing drop shadows require at least some kind of idea of how the overshadowing object actually looks, and how drop shadows actually work. More research needed.


    The most defining quality of my full-scene pieces tends to be "looks twice as good at half the resolution".

    I likely won't be submitting this one for anything. Not quite in the theme of the challenge, and not refined enough for the drawfriend.
    I agree with Diego Havoc, the picture is awesome.
    Actually, I really like the cracks in the floor and the floor in general. My only real criticism on that is that you *may* want to shade them with a slightly darker color to add a bit more detail on them. Stone floor tiles often aren't smooth and have imperfections, groves, and so on and you could use a darker color to add more detail maybe. But on the flipside, you may not want that much detail on the floor since it is just a floor. And, who knows? Equestria may have magical waxers and sanders. Other then that, the floor is great.
    Yeah... I used to work with flooring...

    Oh yes, and Twilight is looking snazzy too!
    You've shown a lot of deviance with a single eye.

    On the comic, I really hope you take a whack at it, and you already have a writer volunteer! Besides, I want to see your mechs and characters in action!

    If you don't have any real comic experience, the only possible hurdle that I can think of is that you'll have to take a conscious effort to plan out your panels in advance in a rough draft to make sure the comic flows, which I read supposedly throws many for a loop. But I blabber.

    Quote Originally Posted by Diego Havoc View Post
    Honestly, I think this looks awesome. I'll agree with you on the drop shadow looking off, but apart from that it seems fine to me.

    Anyway, I forgot to post my stuff from yesterday, which was just a little more human proportion practice.

    Verdict: Meh. This is what happens when you learn anatomy from a "how to draw manga" book.

    For something far superior (and pony-related!) please gaze upon my submission for the EqD training grounds:

    Is it not nifty?
    Actually, I think I may have first learned about anatomy from a "How to Draw Manga" book... No wonder I still don't know much about it.

    Fluttershy and Angel in knight armor is wonderful!

    Quote Originally Posted by Geno9999 View Post
    Remember back when I was sketching the My Little Pony and Team Fortress mashup? Well, I didn't color in Berry Punch Demomare, but I do have this instead:
    "Go to the moon! And take your cheap suit with you!"
    -Rarity, after dominating Blueblood.

    For those of you who are wondering what weapons I tried to draw there, Rarity is using the Diamondback, and Blueblood is using the Big Earner. I tried to draw a rose on Blueblood's lapel, but it doesn't seem to work well w/o color.

    Plus a quick and dirty sketch of the scene from Meet the Scout as a pony and a griffon:

    Now it might not quite work for the Artist Training Ground, but... It's TF2, so it's worth a shot.
    Rarity Spy versus. Blueblood Spy. It's like Spy vs Spy action! Alright, I admit I don't play TF2, but I do like the idea of a Blueblood spy. But then again, I love Prince Blueblood.

    Some pony art,

    I didn't get around to drawing anything serious today because of certain real life distractions. But I did draw Applejack with random shading! Yay for greyscale pictures!
    I didn't use any references for this AJ so she's off model. And wearing a dirty apron, at first it was clean, but then I remembered, this is Applejack, I'm sure when baking she gets down and dirty.

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