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    Quote Originally Posted by Just to Browse View Post
    Are armor bonuses decreased at all? I don't seem to see anything of the sort... so you're going with the harder to hit + more HP thing?
    Yeah. Decided to just go with "Heavier armor has a benefit now. Hey it doesn't suck now!" rather than worrying about trying to apply nerfs to specific armor types. So Armor itself was left alone, but the buff given was a smaller one, so a nerf wouldn't be needed to balance it out.

    If I were going to make a nerf to heavier armors to compensate, it would be something generic like -1 AC to medium armors, and -2 AC to heavy armors (with an extra -1 to full plate), but then that leads to weirdness like a chain shirt being equivalent to splint mail, and basically guaranteeing that light armor reins supreme over everything always. And that's lame.
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