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Thread: Ponythread Learns to Draw! Together!

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    Hello again everyone! After a month or so break, (Read: Procrastination and general laziness) I've finally gotten around to doing some more drawing, motivated by Phoe's ATG.

    Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for the first day, but I'll post what I drew here anyway.


    This one is a pony, no pony in particular, dressed in armour similar to that of the royal guards. Not too bad, I think, considering my lack of practice. The shape of his head does look a bit odd. I would have liked to add some more detail to the armour, or perhaps shaded it in some way. Though I wouldn't have a clue how to go about that.

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    For something far superior (and pony-related!) please gaze upon my submission for the EqD training grounds:

    Is it not nifty?
    Oh, I saw this in the ATG's gallery post. It's great, definately something I can see Angel doing, and Fluttershy is looking sufficiently adorable.
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