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    Nadia Rizzo

    Gender: Female

    Species: Lampad Nymph

    Age: 44

    Profession: Freelance architect, Mother of one

    Nadia is a mature lampade woman, though she looks younger than she is, with caucasian features. She's moderately tall and has a curvy figure. Her hair is a very long and made up of a dark red liquid. Her skin is exceptionally pale and her eyes are a striking black and purple. Her ears are pointed. She most often wears smart, neat clothing that compliments her figure.

    Nadia can be a bit of a recluse, not having too much of a social life. She’s a friendly and compassionate individual, however, and gets along with people well when they break through her shell. She's quietly confident with her capabilities and never seeks praise for them.

    Oath of Tides - Nadia has power over water. She can move it with just a gesture at a fair range. Her power allows for a fair bit of finess, though distraction can cause her to lose focus.

    Lampades - Nadia is a lampades, and thus she has some innate power. She can present a disturbing and distracting visage that could even drive someone insane if they looked too long. She has a connection with flame and has the ability to move from one flame to another. This is all embodied in the purple flame of her lantern.

    Archery - Nadia has been training with a bow. While she's no expert, she's become capable with it.

    Nadia was born and raised in the city of Gul-Thadar to a fairly well to do family. She never wanted for much, but she was frequently stifled by her mother's expectations for her. She was always driven to excel, and her life was basically planned out for her. There wasn't any place in her mother's vision for a lesbian daughter who wanted to be an architect.

    In defiance of her mother, she scraped together her own money and went to school. It wasn't always easy. She got very little help from her family and had to work her way through. It almost collapsed around her because of an incident with a vampire woman that resulted in her unplanned turning. Despite all this, she graduated and went on to pursue her dream career.
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