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    Nadia Rizzo

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Lampades Nymph

    Age: 30, fully mature, ageless.

    Profession: Architect

    Description: Nadia has very pale skin, paler than should be natural. Her eyes are very strange. The sclera are black, the irises are purple, and her pupils are silver. She has pointed ears and her lips are full. Her hair is very distinctive. Rather than normal hair, it more closely resembles individual strands of some dark red liquid. Also, her hair is rarely still. It moves slowly on it's own, like it's flowing, or kind of like hair drifting around under water. It's fairly long, reaching just a bit below her waist, though the exact length can vary a bit.

    She has a nice figure, with round hips and her breasts are on the larger side. Nadia is about five foot eight inches tall. She's done quite a bit of physical labour in her life and she's in great shape. Her muscles aren't overly defined, but you wouldn't think she's weak. Her lips are full, her ears are pointed, and she has narrow eyebrows.

    She wears modern clothing such as blouses, fitted shirts, jeans, etc. In general it's conservative, but she doesn't mind fitted clothing. On the back of her left shoulder, a mark has been branded on her. She doesn't wear much makeup.


    Personality: Nadia can be a bit of a recluse, not having too much of a social life. She's not a very confident person much of the time. She is starting to branch out and try to work past her lack of confidence, but it's a process. She’s a friendly and compassionate individual, however, and gets along with people well when they break through her shell.

    • A circlet made of a band of knotted silver strands with a silver disc settling in the center.
    • A silver and gold ring with a large diamond set in it. It marks her engagement to Irena.
    • A silver, heart shaped promise ring matching another worn by Irena.
    • A twisting silver ring with a garnet set in it. It marks her former position as Page of Rings in Genesis' court.
    • A small glass orb that contains a small bit of purple flame from her lantern. It can act in place of the lantern for a limited amount of time.

    • Kantharos. A gift from Dionysus. It can produce any wine that he or any of his followers has ever produced and in whatever quantity she desires.
    • A pair of earrings that enhance her hearing when worn.

    • A four sided, wooden shuttered lantern. It has a hook on the top to be held onto or to hang it up. Inside burns a purple flame. If anyone but Irena looks at the lantern it will induce psychosis in them in some way that varies from person to person. The effect lasts only as long as they are looking at the flame.

    Abilities: Nadia has sworn an oath that grants her a measure of power over water. She can control and manipulate it at will and feel it's flow as if it's a part of her. This is especially true for blood, both hers and that of those around her.

    Nadia has a couple abilities that come with being a lampades. She can jump through one flame and emerge through another over short distances. She is also completely immune to fire.

    As a result of her pregnancy with the child of the goddess Tlazolteotl, Nadia has manefested a number of traits and abilities that fall under the goddess' domain: Scorpions, deserts, beauty, mothers.
    • Scorpions: Attract and control scorpions, turn into a scorpion, immune to scorpion venom (which instead has a positive effect), manifest scorpion poison in her mouth.
    • Deserts: Access to a personal sanctuary by turning the doorknob on any door three times to the left. It is a small oasis where the sand is white and the water is red. There Nadia can wield all of Tlazolteotl's power.
    • Beauty: Slowly and subtly shift the construction of a building to meet her own desires.
    • Mothers: If any child of hers is in danger, she will be able to feel it and summon super-human strength, speed and endurance for a time. A mark on her right that appears to be a black heart shaped shield represents this.

    Backstory: Nadia had a fairly normal life growing up. Well, normal for a resident of Gul-Thadar, which is a city of vampires. She was an only child and grew up with her parents. Soon after leaving high school she joined the construction industry and has been working there ever since.

    Society, along with her family and friends, were not very accepting of homosexuality. Thus, Nadia has been in the closet about her own sexuality. Aside from one close friend, no one knows. Perhaps they thought it odd that she never dated and turned away anyone that showed an interest, but nothing could be confirmed. It did have an effect on her, however. She took to focusing on her career and it took up much of her free time. She would always wear unflattering clothing and no make up as to not attract much attention. She lived in fear that her supposed lack of interest in all things romantic would be called into question, and she never thought she would find anyone to be with.

    Miscellaneous: Nadia has sworn a powerful oath to gain the power over water and blood that she has, and she must obey it or lose those powers.
    "I will revel in the fullness of each moon and anoint myself with blood as it passes; it will know my devotion by my sacraments."

    Nadia must remain close to her lantern and its flame must remain lit. If either of these conditions are not met she will grow exhausted after two days and fall into unconsciousness after the third. If her lantern were to be destroyed she would die.

    Her blood burns if it comes into contact with the air. She is also far warmer than a normal person.

    She is bound to Irena like a familiar is bound to a witch. The mark on her shoulder marks this bond. There are a few side effects of this bond: She has an empathetic bond with Irena. Irena can choose to see through her eyes. If Nadia doesn't draw attention to herself, people will be less inclined to notice her.

    Nadia's mother is named Carla and her father Stefano.

    Nadia has one child:
    Child Additional Info
    10 (13)
    Ages faster than a regular person.
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