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    Flarg Tosscobble

    Alias: Glarf Yellowneck, Nenan Allthought, Retil Elfconker, Arthik Grumblefudge
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Halfling/Continuum-Cursed
    Age: 12-144
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral to Neutral Evil as he progresses in age
    Class/Profession: Wanderer/Bard
    Power Rating: D- to B-
    Description: Flarg at age 27
    Flarg shortly before his death
    Personality: Depending on the age of the Flarg you encounter he can be scared and confused, naive and excited, blunt and flamboyant, or old and jaded.
    Equipment: Depends on what age Flarg you encounter. The older he is the more items he has, going from the clothes on his back at age 12 to a dozen or so magical items of varying status at age 116
    Backstory: Flarg appeared in The Nexus with his family when he was around six years old, victims of a teleportation mishap. They settled in quickly enough, and that was that until Flarg turned 12. On that day he discovered his family's curse. Every other generation's firstborn son is gifted with the ability to timetravel. Unfortunately he cannot control this gift past deciding what else goes with him.
    Miscellaneous: It takes about twelve seconds for him to fully fade out of the timeline.
    By the time he is 24 he's learned to control the gift enough that he can choose up to 288lbs of organic and nonorganic material to take with him.
    The time between "jumps" ranges from a couple years to a couple moments, its random.
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