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I'm afraid I can't seem to view your picture
Ooops, should be fixed now. Well, my laptop can now see it.

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Anyway, on to my ATG thing for today.

I hate this one so much :/ There was no inspiration here, unlike the Flutterknight picture. I don't think it helps that I was in kind of a "meh" mood today. Before I knew it I had drawn a bland looking picture of a pony in a default stance. Way to challenge yourself, Diego.

I also have no idea why it scanned so bright either.

Ah well, they can't all be winners. I may well take another shot tomorrow, assuming there's time.
Well, the event's been postponed until the submission problems are solved, so you should have time to have another go. And there will be a day 1 resubmission, so I'll get a chance to put something in, hurrah.

It could just be the bright scan, but I'm having trouble distinguishing the bow from the magic surrounding it at a glance, making one of them more obvious would help.