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    Default People Who Love Seraphi Homebrew(TM)

    The one that started it all...
    Quote Originally Posted by Wavelab
    Well I'm starting to become a fan of Seraphi homebrew, especially your Sharpshooter and now the Duelist, so I'll contribute.
    Quote Originally Posted by motionmatrix
    LOVE THE SERAPHI HOMEBREWS! Bring on the tankards, this one is worth drinking! O.O
    Quote Originally Posted by BelGareth
    GAAAHHH, I love Seraphi Homebrew!
    Quote Originally Posted by Noctis Vigil
    Gotta love that Seraphi Homebrew(TM).
    Quote Originally Posted by absolmorph
    I love Seraphi Homebrew (TM). Seriously, this class is wicked. I want to play it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrambled Brains
    Then again, I love Seraphi Homebrew in general...particularly your brawler
    Quote Originally Posted by Amechra
    You know what, I'll say it...

    I love this piece of Seraphi Homebrew(tm)
    Quote Originally Posted by TravelLog
    Seraphi Homebrew (TM) is a revelation. If you're going to check out one piece of Homebrew this season, make it his. From start to finish, Seraphi Homebrew (TM) is a spellbinding journey, one of such magnificence and grandeur that I've not seen it's like since the 'Brew Revolution of 2008. While many claim the title of "Homebrewer", few do so with the skill and grace of Neo Seraphi, a friend and, I say without hesitation, an artist.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wyntonian
    Sit, my children, and listen, as I tell you a tale of glory and heroism.

    There once was a time when Wizards were real Wizards, Fighters real fighters, Druids real buffers and scouts and beatsticks with pet beatsticks and Monks slightly more suckful than they are presently. The world was rife with the terror of class imbalance, and the people cried out to the gods who created them "WHY! What did we do wrong to deserve Druid+Natural Spell in the same books as the Monk? Why have you done this to us?" Then Lo, out of the clouds that covered the sun, fell a man. And a laptop. His name was NeoSeraphi, and he brought with him a new dawn of homebrewing the likes of which has never before been seen, aside from maybe the aforementioned 'Brew revolution of whenever.

    Ok, so, he's really good.

    Now brush your teeth and get to bed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elfstone
    Seraphi Homebrew(TM) is simply incredible. Every thread has you at the title, caught and forced to read the OP thoroughly. Its creativity, ingenuity, and sheer audaciousness is awe inspiring. Each work a masterpiece, every key stroke perfect, every wording complete and without loopholes. Few rival Neo’s depth and number of brews, all of them created with the same passion. Without a doubt, Seraphi is a master of his trade. If you have a chance to play any of his classes, I would be befuddled as to why you would not. If I ever post any homebrew, I hope it will be half as good as any of his
    Quote Originally Posted by fye121
    I love NeoSeraphi homebrew (TM) ^^ Thank you for all your work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Delegreg
    I must say this : "I love Seraphi Homebrew (tm) too !"
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick274
    NeoSeraphi HomebrewTm Is full of creative joy and balance. There is just something for everyone.

    NeoSeraphi. Homebrewer for the playground.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndworm
    First off, I'd like to start this post with an enormous thanks to NeoSeraphi. In addition to being an enormously talented homebrewer, I've come to know that he's a legitimately good guy, too.

    After all, doesn't everyone love that Seraphi HomebrewTM?
    Quote Originally Posted by bobthe6th
    This? This made me want to make a fighter again. my blaster is humbled by the concept. NeoSeraphi Homebrew (Tm) has won me over.
    Quote Originally Posted by zetsu1919
    i wish to join the fan club,because I just love Seraphi Homebrew™
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord
    I just can't help it; I just love Seraphi Homebrew™, it's just so wonderful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vixsor Lumin
    This is my favorite of homebrewed class of all time, and I love Seraphi Homebrew! Feel free to add me to your fan club.
    Quote Originally Posted by DerTollUdo
    These are cool. Very cool. I am now a fan of Seraphi Homebrew TM
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    Even with six blood thirsters, I still wouldn't be dealing tons of damage...
    Quote Originally Posted by BellatorCQC
    That's because you don't have a Trinity Force.