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    Because of chaos and crowd cover, she doesn't see him ... you can pretty much trust that when he recovers he might come back to this spot, but regardless he'd rendezvous at the gates to the Manor if not.

    Celiss, do you stay .... follow along Darrius' route ... or break off and head to the manor after Ka'Xet and Korian?

    EDIT: Kurgol looks at the flying dwarf (and his diabolical lady friend) and says, "Good luck, and I'll come knocking for a more neighborly brawl, but everyone's got problems of their own in town. G'luck, and may the Traveler speed you on your journey to death or glory."

    And Kurgol departs ...
    .................................................. .....

    Meanwhile ....

    Ka'Xet gets some enormous speed going, but then prudently pulls back to allow at least one other to come along, his instincts telling him that showing up alone to the Manor probably won't work too well. He sees Korian coming, moving at your normal 30' speed (vice your currently boosted 45' speed ... several rounds have gone by since you left Kurgol).

    Just as Korian sees you he responds to something uphill that you don't really see til a round later before you can respond. You might be trained, but Korian has the advantage of training and animal senses and intuition.

    There is a runaway float that is careening down a hill, on a straight path for you (and Korian) and a tavern full of revellers just behind you! Korian launches at it with two ice-rimmed claws at the same time as he willingly throws himself into a blood fury. The claws themselves 1 mod each to the wheel he attacks, but the cold stiffens the wheel and spokes (8 cold damage) to be more brittle (10 damage total). Korian ducks just out of the way of being hit.

    Ka'Xet, what do you do? You have about two rounds to act.
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