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Revelations 5:6
or: How Does Wild Shape Work??
The four of us returned, spirits high, to the field we'd left the owls and the grey, goblin-like creatures Charlize had called Svirfneblin. Nim had stayed behind to watch over them all; he was showing off some knife tricks to a couple of the ugly creatures. The owls were nowhere in sight, and Namia immediately shrunk into a forest bird of some kind, and took off to retrieve them as we entered the clearing.

"Filbert, that's an awesome look for you," Nim exclaimed. "Can you really see normally through that now?"

"I can," Filbert replied. I have to admit, the silk blindfold did make him look more intimidating somehow, like the legendary Blind Warrior of myth. And apparently he could see through it normally, now that he was wearing all of his ancestral gear. It was a good look, for sure.

Namia returned shortly, with the owls and an accusing look on her face. "Nim, Urlene told me they left because you were throwing rocks at them? Why would you do such a thing? You usually show them at least a little respect!"

"They were trying to eat the Svirfneblin! I just wanted them to back off!" Nim protested.

"You know how to speak with them!"

"They wouldn't listen! The little guys were screaming! I was flustered!"

"So you decided to attack them?"

"Nim does not always make the most… rational decisions, Namia. You know that," Filbert interjected helpfully.

Nim whirled on him, uncharacteristic anger marring his face. "Oh, so now I'm irrational?! Then why did you all leave me here with them in the first place? Just to see how irrational I would be?"

"Nim, please," Namia said softly, "calm down. There's no harm done…"

"Oh, really? Are you sure I can be trusted? What if I did something crazy again, and people got hurt?" He really looked the part, brandishing a knife in each hand and glaring about wildly. Apparently Charlize thought so too, because she decided enough was enough and stepped forward.

"Nim, put the knives down and shut up before you do hurt someone. You're not helping your case at all, here."

"Oh yeah, well she's pregnant!" he thrust a dagger in Namia's direction. The silence was absolute, save for the muted whimpering of the Svirfneblin hiding behind Charlize. The only movement was Nim's heaving chest as he continued to point the accusing dagger at his lover.

Namia was the first to break the silence; I guess the news probably didn't come as such a surprise to her. She spun away, leapt onto Urlene's broad back, and took off into the sky.