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    Elkandar B'xarenef

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Dark Elf/Drow.
    Age: 64 [21 in human years]
    Alignment: Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Bard/Nurse
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: Elkandar is tall, with a square jaw and blazing blue eyes. His braided white hair leads down to his waist (he wears a bandanna over it). His face is generally smiling and friendly, masking his wild emotions. He is missing his right hand, cut off by a halfling thug in a sewer.


    Equipment: Lute, bandanna, raven pet, vest, flowers in hair
    Abilities: Magic, and an extremely beautiful voice.
    Backstory: Elkandar is an outcast. As a child, he was abandoned, his matron mother saying that "males don't have a place in the B'xarenef house." A couple of dwarves who were looking for a precious metal for their god as that week's offering stumbled upon a small bundle in the caverns. They found Elkandar. Elkandar lived with the dwarves for the next ten years. He tried to fit in, but his long and nimble fingers just were not built for all the smithing that went on inside the dwarves' mountain home. So, after saying goodbye to the few dwarven friends he had made, he set off into the world. Even so, he has learned tales from all corners of the world, and hopes to one day travel to the Feywild and live among eladrin who will accept him for who he is. He has taught himself how to play the lute, and hopefully will find other drow that he can empathize with.
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