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    As Krakkael is thrown back into the flames, Bugbear jumps at him. "Welcome back, sweetheart! Come give Big Daddy Bugbear a hug!"

    Standard Action: Grappling Strike against Krakkael
    Attack: (1d20+11)[28] vs AC
    Damage: (1d6+6)[7] and Krakkael is grabbed

    Bugbear does not mark Krakkael (leave Melhved's mark).

    Save versus Slow: (1d20)[19]

    (If successful) Relevant Features and Feats:
    Inescapable Hold: Escape attempts are made against Bugbear's Fortitude (24 with Wrestler's Gloves).
    Iron Body Ki Focus Property: Bugbear has resistance 3 to all of Krakkael's attacks until the end of Bugbear's next turn

    HP: 28/51 | Surges: 6/10
    AC: 23 | FORT: 23 | REF: 15 | WILL: 15
    Conditions: none
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