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    Alias: He Who Imagines
    Gender: Male
    Species: Primordial
    Profession: Multiple/Various/Primordial

    Power Rating: Either 10 or S Rank. But Raziere is a giant Primordial world-body, so "he" can't really interact with anyone on a personal scale, and any shows of power would be epic, big powerful displays against things as vast and all-encompassing as he is. His Soul Hierarchy is weaker though and can interact with people on a personal scale:
    Third Circle Devas: 7-8 or A
    Second Circle Devas: 5-6 or B
    In Addition, Raziere can create various servants known as First Circle Devas that aren't a part of his Soul Hierarchy, but are nevertheless loyal to him and have their own jobs. There is no limit to how weak a First Circle Deva can be, but they never exceed Second Circle Devas in power, the maximum power rating they can have being either 4 or C+.

    Description: He is a vast world-city powered by Icefire, with various lights and skylines naturally grown from his ground and tubes and streets of flying cars and other super-advanced technology flying around everywhere being driven by various First Circle Devas, while his Second and Third Circle Devas rule from on high.

    Personality: His individual Third and Second Devas each have their own personalities and identity, since they each represent a single facet of Raziere's greater personality, identity and soul. To truly sum up Raziere's personality would be an in-depth study of all the Third and Second Circle Devas and how they interact with one another, since Primordials are complex things with multiple souls and with thoughts too big for one mind to think.

    Again, due to the vast encompassing nature of Primordials, its hard to sum it up. But generally Raziere can do anything that is within his themes, namely anything having to with technology, imagination, eccentricity and other such things of Raziere's personality, outlook on the world and his methods. However things outside his themes he does a horrible job at.

    His various Third and Second Circle Devas however don't have access to this godly power, being only a single facet or face of the greater Primordial and generally have powers that relate to themselves, and are mostly unique to the Deva.

    His First Circle Devas however are created to each do a certain job and do it well and pretty much nothing else, so their powers often only relate to what they are meant or designed to do. one species of First Circle Deva generally can't do what another species of First Circle Deva can do.

    Raziere was once an Infernal. He had Exalted as a Defiler (with some Ebon Dragon charms on the side) and gone Devil-Tiger after rebelling against the Yozis. However he went farther than other Devil-Tigers and somehow found a way to learn Raziere Cosmic Principle even though that should be impossible….Many speculate that he might've messed with the Shinma themselves to do this, but Raziere is not telling how he did it.

    and then he gone away from Creation, becoming his own world, populated with his own Devas and soon finding Nexus after much slogging through Pure Chaos, what he intends to do now is anybody's guess, but the fact that he is letting his First Circle Devas go into Nexus peacefully to trade probably means he is benevolent.

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