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What elves? The elves sent a team before to help a good sized group of low-to-mid levels resist a world-threatening regime that conquered one of the strongest bastions of good on the mortal plane, why send another team/person capable of teleporting to the other side of the world JUST to pick up a level, like, 5ish or something fighter/rogue? Waste of time, resources, and unless its a team of 6 epic level elves come to wipe out Xykon, pointless.
It costs two level 5 spells to teleport there and back, one level 4 spell to scry the area to get Studied carefully level familiarity, one hour to do said studying, no material cost for teleport, and scrying costs Eye of Eagle, nitric acid, copper, and zinc, and the time to teleport there and back.

All spells are refreshed each day. So what are the resources getting wasted here?