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    Jurga Preora Blera

    Alias: Jurga/Jurga the Hutt
    Race/Species: Hutt
    Gender: Hermaphrodite (Male Personality)
    Age: Early-to-mid 300s
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Merchant
    Power Rating: 3
    Description: Jurga is, like all Hutts, a gastropod with a semi-humanoid upper body. He is slightly thinner than most Hutts, however, and his ruddy orange skin is marred with the brown stains of dried mucus. It seems as though the Hutt has seen better times. He seems especially self-conscious when he glides around on his "foot." Besides three bandoleers wrapped around his tail, Jurga wears no clothing.
    Personality: Jurga the Hutt is more trustworthy than most Hutts, but that is not saying much; While he will never directly lie to his customers, telling half-truths is not out of the question. Like many of his more successful brethren, Jurga wishes to acquire vast wealth and a reputation demanding of respect. Unfortunately, his code of honor when dealing with customers and illegal actions may make him unfit for this goal. While Jurga may be willing to sell contraband, rob rivals, ad scam passersby, he will have no part in spicerunning or murdering in cold blood.
    Equipment: Jurga carries a few items in his three bandoleers, including a few credit chips (with varying amounts of money on each), a universal translator (Jurga only speaks Huttese, so it is necessary to communicate with other people in the Nexus), and a sporting blaster for defensive purposes. On his ship, he has roughly 60 metric tons of cargo; this cargo is composed of miscellaneous pieces of technology from all over the Star Wars universe, which he is more than willing to sell for those who wish to buy.
    Abilities: Jurga's abilities are just the standard traits of Hutts; His mucus covering absorbs glancing shots from blaster pistols and even direct shots from sporting blasters. Although not as corpulent as other Hutts, his layer of blubber does cushion him from low-caliber bullets. He can see into the ultraviolet light spectrum.
    Backstory: Jurga Peora Blera (born of the Preora clan) was always the black sheep of the family. Whereas his siblings were constant rivals of each other (and oftentimes even tried to sabotage or even maim each other in order to become their parent's favored heir), Jurga was often left alone for not being politically savvy enough. This lack of enthusiasm in Hutt criminal politics, as well as his need to have a code for business deals, made him the least of the three Huttlets in the eyes of his parent. When he grew older, he was stationed on the isolated ice world of Nar Hekka by his clan. Wanting to be something more than just an accountant that his kajidic had abandoned. Stealing a Barloz-class freighter with a Twi'lek slave and droid that he had befriended during his time on Nar Hekka, Jurga abandoned his post only to be pursued by several hitman from his clan. In an attempt to escape, he entered hyperspace before the calculations were complete- and somehow entered the Nexus.


    Alias: Ehofale Ori (humanized name)
    Race/Species: Twi'lek
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Dancer/Merchant
    Power Rating: 2
    Description: Ehofale is a beautiful Twi'lek in her early twenties. She has a very pinkish hue to her skin, and her twin lekku (the headtails) are draped over her shoulders. Minor freckles can be seen on her face. Like most Twi'leks, she does not have hair or eyebrows. She stands slightly shorter than her employer at 5'4. She doesn't exactly dress modestly (then again, most Twi'leks rarely do). Her speaks with a slight French-like accent.
    Personality: Ehofale grew up in a life full of slavery to the Hutts, but she does not allow that to bother her; she is free now, and she wants to enjoy that freedom for the rest of her life. As a result, Ehofale is the sort of person who rolls with things, and doesn't let much upset her. She is quick to make friends. Having not been with fellow Twi'leks for nearly half her life, she prefers to use her Core Name (i.e. her humanized one).
    Equipment: Having been a slave before her escape with Jurga, Ehofale does not own much. She has a decent amount of credits to her name, and a single concealable weapon for protection; a highly illegal vibroknuckler.
    Abilities: Ehofale is fairly agile and flexible, which can make her surprising good at hand-to-hand combat when combined with her very lethal vibroknuckler.
    Backstory: Ehofaleo'Ri was a young Twi'lek girl born to the Ri clan in the city of right after the start of the Clone Wars. Joreikna was dependent on the slave trade for its income, and as a result Ehofaleo'Ri was one of several hundred Twi'lek children to be sold (she was twelve at the time). As a result, she has spent a little under a third of her life away from her home and family. To be honest, she doesn't even really see her species homeworld as her home anymore. After spending most of her life as a dancer for a particularly infamous Hutt lord on Nal Koska, his death led to all his belongings (including Ehofale and S19-8R) being liquidated. Both the droid and the Twi'lek were purchased by an unscrupulous crime lord on Nal Hekka, and for the next four months lived in a frozen hellhole of a planet. During this time, she had befriended the outcast Hutt Jurga. When he finally decided to flee the world, he brought Ehofale and S19-8R with him, and the three have been flying together ever since.


    Alias: None
    Race/Species: S19-series astromech droid
    Gender: Not Applicable
    Age: 13
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class/Profession: Expert Droid
    Power Level: 2
    Description: S19-8R is a box-like astromech standing about one meter in height. Unlike the more common R-series astromechs, S19-8R travels on a single, treaded wheel. The arrangement of compartments on its chassis is very similar to that of the R2-series astromech droid, probably hinting that LesTech corporation "borrowed" elements from Industrial Automaton's design when creating the S19-series. Its head is flat, and ends in a single eye placed in front of the body. Its chassis is white with orange panels.
    Personality: 8R is a quiet, dependable droid. He doesn't talk much (mostly because most people don't understand him), but is hard working and tries to be polite. Despite being rescued from Nar Hekka by Jurga, S19-8R doesn't really feel any loyalty to him; its been abused several times by Hutts who used it as entertainment, so it dislikes most Hutts. Until it finds a better way to live its functional cycle, however, it will continue to serve Jurga and Ehofale.
    Equipment: S19-8R doesn't really have any equipment, besides a few modifications made by Jurga; S19-8R has had part of its plating replaced with a more durable Mandalorian iron alloy, and had its astrogation buffer and holorecorder gutted in exchange for a portable shield generator.
    Abilities: S19-8R is capable of plugging into most computers, slicing into security mainframes, and
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