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Interestingly enough, the only large armies we've seen are those in the Empires of Bodily Fluids. The Azurites certainly don't have tens of thousands of soldiers at their disposal. The Elves presumably don't have a large army available either, or they wouldn't rely on inserting commando teams (a classic tactic for a state that wants to fight a war on the cheap). The various humanoid nations on the Southern and Northern continents are divided amongst themselves, and among the most powerful of them recognize Gobbotopia. Nothing can be said of the Dwarves, but they are far away.
I think it was implied that there were a lot more Azurite troops than died in the defence of the city; the trouble was that maybe half their forces were feudal in style, and then there were a lot of desertions. Without the Sapphire Guard it seems unlikely they can be a major threat, though. We don't really know if the humanoid nations have many troops, not seeing them doesn't mean they're not there - and similarly with the elves. They may just deem that it's not worth sending a whole army to Azure city and suffer heavy losses against an epic-level lich, which would then leave their homelands low on protection. Tarquin doesn't seem to want to bring the elves in to attack him, so they must have some kind of significant force.