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also cliffport are goblin allies

more likely a naval invasion but it depends on how much damage they want to do to the city
Already been said but yeah cliffport isn't actually allied to Gobbotopia, it's just not it's enemy. And it really only recognized it as a nation and opened trade with it due to the Elvin infiltrators harassing the place, Cliffport and Gobbotopia share a disliking of Elves, so if Gobbotopia is being attacked by elves, that both means they are not working with the elves, and they do not like the elves. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

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Her new resistance team will include:

1 Dashing Swordsman and his airship crew
1 Dwarven female cleric of Loki
2 Contract killers (1 human 1 dwarf)
1 Gnome Druid and 1 Half elf wizard
1 Human wizard girl and her ghost dad
1 Human male cleric of Loki
2 Lawyers
1 Paladin without a bard servant
Ohhh now that would be fun