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Maybe an escape party like in Left 4 dead and LEft 4 dead 2 (like running through hostile area by hiding, nomading, and running to other countries.
She's already outside of the city as far as we can tell (fleeing the mountains, pretty sure azure city did not include mountains) So with exception to perhaps outer-city goblinoid patrols and/or goblinoid civilians setting up farms or such, all of which she could easily sneak past, there really is no point. Really all she needs to do is leave Gobbotopia boarders and she's home free. (Considering the fact that as far as we know Redcloak doesn't know she's still alive, and if he does he just doesn’t care)

Honestly i think she's just going to make her way to the closest human port-city, most likely cliffport, use the scroll to contact Hinjo, and include were she is so one of the fleet ships can come pick her up.