Race: Technoblins
They are robots designed to be goblins. They have free will and emotions, and even a soul, however most are loyal to whom they call the Great Creator Zarakkan. They do whatever various jobs Zarakkan has designed them to do, from helping design things to doing various public servant or maintainery to labor to even fighting as soldiers.
Zarakkan allows individual Technoblins to go do what they want if they don't want to serve under him anymore, but Technoblins fervently worship him as the Great Creator and mostly follow the orders of both him and The Blessed One, a Technoblin Zarakkan specially designed to be their religious leader so as to keep their devotion to Zarakkan under control.

Most of them look like robotic goblins, with steel plating for skin and big, circular glowing eyes and no mouths, yet they can still speak. However many Technoblins personalize their plating with various paints, symbols and pictures on themselves to distinguish themselves.

The Modified One

Race: Technoblin
Gender: None
Description: A black plated Technoblin with red slitted eyes, different from the rest of the Technoblins
Personality: Sarcastic, bitter, doubting and cynical. The Modified One was designed specifically by Zarakkan to NOT be a Creator-worshipping servant that most Technoblins are, and is instead a saner, more realistic agent of him, but somewhat darker and more bitter because of it because he still serves Zarakkan.

He can magically make himself look like a normal goblin for disguise, spying and sabotage purposes.

Super-Athletics: Basically covers all the improbable and cool things an action movie star is able to do.

Internal Computer: his own mind is basically a computer onto itself and can even access the internet and communicate with other people with communication technology without needing it himself

Equipment Teleportation Module: Allows him to teleport in any equipment thats necessary to his current operations so that he can use it.

-Various guns from normal modern stuff to super-futuristic lasers
-Various vehicles, but mostly a motorcycle
-A bunch of other little gadgets that you can imagine a secret agent possessing.

Power Rank: C-B or 4-5, depending on your interpretation.

The Blessed One

He is like most Technoblins, but he wields powerful Divine Magic, equivalent to that of a high-level DnD Cleric. This is not because of any worship of Zarakkan giving him power, but because Zarakkan installed a Divine Core into him that does.

As a result his power ranking is B or 5-6. He mostly wears robes and has white plating and round green eyes.