Heh. Funny thread title if you've been pronouncing Niu the same way I have. ("Nyoo")
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Her new resistance team will include:

1 Dashing Swordsman and his airship crew
1 Dwarven female cleric of Loki
2 Contract killers (1 human 1 dwarf)
1 Gnome Druid and 1 Half elf wizard
1 Human wizard girl and her ghost dad
1 Human male cleric of Loki
2 Lawyers
1 Paladin without a bard servant
Don't forget:

1 Elven wizard and his/her kobold ranger sidekick
2 Bounty hunters (1 lizardfolk 1 half-dragon)
2 Flumph lawyers
1 Half-orc barbarian and a riding dog
1 Goblin female raised by non-goblins