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Surely there are at least two other resistance cells.

They formed a unified residence here, but that doesn't mean they were all in the same place. And small, separate cells is a basic technique for resistance fighters. There are, therefore, likely still to be other resistance cells she can join.
I agree that this is a good idea, but Thanh explicitly states that the resistance is dead. I think we can interpret that to mean that there aren't two other cells biding their time.

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Well...there are a lot of ways this is correct:

* She would need to be of some significance to bother entering enemy territory at all for. A general, a commander, powerful by her own ability, connected to someone powerful, knowledgeable about someone powerful...

* They would not need to actually go to her to get any and all information she has. Teleport is a 5th level spell. So is Sending. And Dream. and Nightmare.

While Teleport is the most common of those spells for an arcane caster, likely to be taken by any that can get it, Sending is also a well known and well used. Added to that, Sending is on the Cleric spell list as well. As a 4th level spell.

Basically, instead of even thinking about having someone cast a Teleport, the smart thing would be to load everyone up with Sending one morning and have them cast it at her all day long. She can even talk normally; they'll have spells to spare.

Run out of Sendings? Do it again tomorrow. And the day after that.

* Now, someone said finding out whether she is a spy is easy...and it could be, if you have the right spells/items/people. How will you check though? Teleport to her?

Getting directions for the Teleport would take a Sending in and of itself, then you have to worry about an epic lich and a city of Goblins one shotting you. Not worth it.
How is spamming sending each day easier than just retrieving her and debriefing her. And if they suspect that she's a spy, there are plenty of ways to discern her identity. And if she is, great! You caught a spy!