It is a beautiful stab that might well puncture a lung on a human being.

Unfortunately, Ka'Xet isn't experienced enough with his blade. It is too small to be a good cutting weapon, and is really just a short sword - a piercing-only weapon - that isn't designed to smash things. The hapless xeph, used to tools in the wilderness, has never tried to use his mindblade this way and ruefully remembers a survivalist's maxim, "Always bring the right tool for the right job."

As the wagon goes hurtling past, Korian zooms past Ka'Xet to charge the same wheel. He slashes at it, but without the cold power this time, his claws clack off the wheel - scoring the wood, but doing no damage.

Ka'Xet, the wagon is 30' away. Your mindblade is wholly ineffective. It will hit a tavern full of revellers at the end of the next round. What do you do?