Zith Exyl

Alias: Zi

Gender: Genderless, but uses masculine pronouns to describe himself.

Race/Species: Mind Flayer

Age: 121 (human equivalent is about 30)

Alignment: Neutral with no definite moral leanings.

Class/Profession: Metalsmith/Weapons Designer

Power Rating: D-

Description: Zith is about five feet six inches tall, with a sickly purple skin tone. The most obvious thing about him is the collection of tentacles that protrude from where a normal human's mouth would be. On of the tentacles is curled up, and has a burnt look to it, from a smithing accident decades before. His skin is pockmarked with similar burns, and cuts. Behind his face tentacles is a black beak that he eats with. His eyes are crimson red, and he is missing a few finger tips, again from occupational hazards. His scalp has multiple scars upon it. He wears a sturdy set of brown leather armor, and has an iron hammer at his side.

Personality: Zith is a fairly jaded individual, and doesn't have a strong moral compass, and really doesn't have any problems with evil people. Money is his primary motivator, but he isn't greedy or corrupt when it comes to money. He really just wants a place to practice his craft, and try to make new kinds of weapons. Something that never troubles him is thoughts that his weapons kill people, he has come to terms with that long ago.

•One Flintlock
•Enough Gunpowder and Ammunition for about thirty shots.
•One Dagger
•Smithing Hammer
•Leather Armor
•Heat Resistant Gloves
•Various schematics for several exotic weapons.*
•A plain cloak that obscures a majority of his body.

Abilities: Zith is a proficient blacksmith, with a knack for designing weapons. As an Ilithid, he possesses a few psionic talents. The first is telepathy, especially useful as he lack vocal cords to speak. He can't look past surface thoughts, and he never really learned how to read thoughts not directed at him, so he prefers to just broadcast his thoughts so he can participate in normal conversations. He can lift objects of about 10 pounds or less with his mental powers, which proves especially useful in his normal trade. He has the ability to inject one of his young into the skull of a humanoid, but he does that only rarely, if at all.

Backstory: Zith's host was a small time farmer born over a hundred years ago. He was attacked by a Mind Flayer while he was tending his fields, and was implanted with a mind Flayer egg. After twenty years of doing the stereotypical Ilithid thing, terrorizing the helpless and all that, he decided to try his hand at creating things. With a new found interest in crafting weapons, he sought out new ways to practice his skills. He traveled around, learning new methods of smithing, discovering trade secrets, and new weapons. His life was relatively uneventful, except for the time he settled down for a few decades to master ways to make fire arms, and ways to design new weapons.
More to be filled in later

Miscellaneous: Nothing comes to mind at the moment.