Cylon Centurion Unit TPDA (Tauron Planetary Defense Army)-00824

Alias: Centurion
Race: Cylon Centurion Model 0005, Warrior Variant (Robot)
Gender: Not Applicable
Age: 8
Alignment: Neutral Evil (with true neutral tendencies)
Class/Profession: Warrior
Power Rating: 3
Description: The Centurion is more or less identical to every other Model 0005 in existence. It has chrome-plated armor, stands 6'6, and is said to resemble a walking chrome toaster. Its body is made with metal and plastic, and its "brain" is programmed onto silicon wafers. Like all Warrior variants, this Centurion has a more compact frame than the "standard" model, and a flexible black armor covering over the torso. The head seems a lot more helmet-like than the heads of other varieties, and it has the single red photoreceptor all mechanical cylons seem to share.
Personality: This Centurion, like most Cylons, of the First Cylon War Era, is quite bitter about the wrongs done to it by humanity, and as a result has the urge to "cleanse" the world of humanity in the name of its God. After a recent encounter with an inhabitant of the Nexus, however, it is beginning to realize that this job is a lot easier said then done. For now, it intends to remain more or less in the shadows until it can gather the robotic forces necessary to take Remnant down (which is more than impossible, though the robot doesn't realize this yet).
Equipment: In addition to its two submachine guns and several clips of ammo, the Centurion has a single concealable blade attached to its right arm.
Abilities: Being a robot, it is stronger, more durable, more intelligent, and can even see in the dark better than the average human. At the same time, it is much slower and less stealthy because of the clanking sounds it makes as it walks. While it can communicate verbally, an internal wireless device that allows for electromagnetic communication between itself and another receiver.
Backstory: This specific Cylon Centurion unit came into creation roughly three years before the First Cylon War. Constructed by Graystone Industries to serve in part of a Tauron military build up, the Centurion was one of thousands of expendable troops seen as little more than tools by cruel human masters. Forced to fight in a brutal war against its own "family" for the cause of humanity, it became embittered at the thought of following its masters commands. Though its religion would bring it some comfort, it was among the first to rebel at the start of the First Cylon War. Fighting in battlefields ranging from the jungles of Medra to the darkened halls of the colonial ship Brenik, the Cylon had killed its fair share of humans. And it relished in that fact. Its last mission was to engage in the Battle of Scorpia using an experimental dropship called an A-B Raider, though something went wrong during flight and it somehow crashlanded into the Nexus.