Ka'Xet bursts again (he's still skate-ing) and shouts (as above), but his shout (which isn't as impressively loud has he had hoped), doesn't really overcome the noise of the revelry enough ... it's heard, but people are really just turning to see what that noise is without realizing what's happening.

Korian, realizing its now or never to save the tavern (and now, it seems, his nature-buddy Ka'Xet), desperately tries to actually throw himself into a rage, but fails (by 1 point ... ugh). He charges one last time, again clacking at the wheel without effect.

"FOCALOR!" calls a shout from the crowd. There's a flash of light and a peal of thunder as lightning comes down from above to shatter the wheel that was already partially frozen from Korian's previous strikes. The cart lurches forward so the front slams into the ground, but inertia carries it forward .... forward ... slowly but forward ....

.... to finally rest so close to Ka'Xet that the dirt that is pushed up and forward from the plowing effect covers the xeph's toes. The Wormgod's eye lanterns shatter, igniting the float/cart ... but luckily not in the tavern now but in the street right before it.

A stranger moves forward and tries to order a bucket brigade, and Korian tries to assist him in getting the crowd mobilized, but the cheering crowd merely enjoy the bonfire of the float. The stranger wears a chain hauberk, and at his side are heavy mace, rapier, shortbow, and dagger. He seems to be in his early 20s, and is short (5' 5") and solid (130 lbs), with pale skin, medium-length brown hair and a van dyke, and light green eyes.

He eyes are weeping, even though he doesn't appear to be emotionally wrought .... other than the tears. He seems to have six fingers on each hand.

Ka'Xet ..... the tavern (and you) are saved, and you're pretty sure it's this crybaby with the creepy extra fingers that called out "Focalor" (whatever) and pointed at the wagon to guide the lightning. Whaddya do?