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    New Species: Rekoutians


    Universe of Origin: Star Trek Universe

    Homeworld: The Rekoutian homeworld of Rekout (known to early 21st Century Humans as Kepler-22b) is a large M-class "Super-Earth" planet with a radius approximately 2.4 times larger than Earth's. It is a world of varied climates, though it is almost 80% water. Despite being much closer to its sun than Earth is to its own, Kepler-22 produces 25% less energy than Sol, so the average daily temperature around the Equator is about 22 C.

    Year of First Contact with the United Federation of Planets: 2196

    Description: Rekoutians are a species of sapient nonhumanoids that resemble four-eyed, furry dromeosaurids. Having evolved on a world with a heavy gravity, Rekoutians are quite strong and agile in standard gravity. Rekoutians have several distinctions that make them a lot less similar to the dromeosaurid animals that once inhabited earth; instead of a layer of feathers, Rekoutians have a thin layer of spindly hairs in order to keep cool in the arid-plains environment where they evolved from (by the equator). Rekoutians lack the clawed digit of true dromeosaurids, but they do have three sets of teeth. In addition to their main set of flesh-rending teeth, Rekoutians have two sets of retractable teeth; one is for the consumption of plants, while the other could be an extra set of either type, depending on gender (females get an extra set of flesh-rending ones, while males get an extra set of flat teeth). Rekuotians are warm-blooded reptilians with an organ redundancy; it is a brain redundancy, which can be found in the hip; this "secondary brain" is little more than a nerve cluster that controls the primal urges of the individual. If This was to be lost in combat, a Rekoutian could live without, though it would be effectively lobotomized. To lose the main brain is usually a death sentence due to bleeding out, but in the event that one can be saved (say, the brain is removed surgically rather than the head being chopped off or sliced open), the Rekoutian is paralyzed reverts to little more than an animal mentally. Why Rekoutians evolved this way is unknown, especially since it seems to be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

    Culture: Like humans, Rekoutians have only united in the past two hundred years, and as a result there is still the signs of many cultures on their world. The most prominent of these cultures at the time of their First Contact with the Federation was a communist society that dominated an large archipelago in the northwestern hemisphere of their world. This culture had its members worship a state religion, an animistic one. As this culture expanded its power, many smaller neighboring states blended the ideals of this culture with their own. Also located in the northwestern hemisphere was a small continent that stretched to around the location where the world's Prime Meridian and Equator intersected. This was home to several separate but similar cultures, which seemed to have all been influences by a long-fallen empire. Their culture was very warlike, though arguably they were the most advanced on the world, having achieved limited warp capability. They had a monotheistic religion involving a mother goddess. Disagreements on the meaning of her holy texts were (and still are) common, but these arguments were rarely the cause for the warfare. This was based on a feudal society. A smattering of islands exist in other regions of the world, each with their own distinct set of beliefs, cultures, and technological advancements. Capitalism never developed on this world.

    Technology: As to be expected, being nonhumanoid led to several innovations in both technology and shipbuilding design. Rekoutian ships in particular are designed specifically with the Rekoutian people in mind, and as a result are very alien and hard to understand to most outsiders. When it comes to weaponry, they have mostly standard directed energy weapons with triggers and grips made for their clawed hands to hold. Tools are usually designed to be wrapped around the wrist to be used.

    Quick History of being in the Greater Galaxy: The Rekoutians were first discovered by the United Federation of Planets in 2196. At that point, they had already developed Warp 1 engines, which they had used to explore nearby uninhabited systems. They signed a treaty of friendship with the Federation later that year. As trade between the two governments commenced, the Rekoutians eventually began to settle their differences and unify. By 2209, they had requested to officially join the Federation, an application which was accepted three years later. By 2268, Rekoutians were a common site in many important Federation member worlds and colonies.
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